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If you’re looking for a new business idea, a subscription service could be the way to go. Find out how to launch successfully with nine winning tips on OPEN Forum.

Ayah Bdeir never planned to start a company when she came up with a prototyping kit for non-engineers. But that project lay the groundwork for her now incredibly successful company, littleBits, “a Lego-like product that integrates light, sound, motors and sensors into color-coded, magnetized building blocks.” 

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These custom earphones were created with a 3D printer and only cost $199. Learn more about Normal, the company behind them, on OPEN Forum.

These custom earphones were created with a 3D printer and only cost $199. Learn more about Normal, the company behind them, on OPEN Forum.

This Is How Long-Term Success Works

Eric Ries’ concept of the lean startup—the idea of creating a “minimum viable product” to get customer feedback to iterate on—has become a battle cry for startup founders. But some are taking it to an extreme, writes OPEN Forum contributor Barry Moltz. “Founding a company isn’t simply about throwing a bunch of ideas against the wall and seeing which ones stick with customers,” he says. “It’s about investing time, energy and money into creating a superior product or service that truly solves a deep pain for their target market.”

Here’s a few tips to keep in mind to do just that.

1. Find real paying customers.

2. Landing a first customer doesn’t mean 10 more will follow.

3.  Reputation only gets one chance.

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A chance conversation about the necessary evil of conference calls led one lean startup expert and his partner to create a breakthrough conference call system, with the help of some startup and Hollywood bigwigs.

How do startups that go through accelerator programs scale so quickly? One reason is because they collaborate with and get advice from peers outside of their industries.

“Every Tuesday we come in here and go over everyone’s fundraising deck,” says Maisie Devine of Poacht, a candidate-minded recruitment platform. “Everyone gets feedback on what they’re seeing and what’s confusing. When I think about my deck before I came into this program and where it is now, you wouldn’t even believe it came from the same person.”

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What will the sharing economy—think Airbnb, Lyft, Uber and other companies that make it peer-to-peer sharing easy—look like in five years? OPEN Forum asked the experts, and they gave us their best guesses. 

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Want to start a new venture or diversify your current small business? There are some fields you should consider. Here are the five best industries to start a small business in, courtesy of

4 Reasons Why You Should Pay Yourself More ASAP

  1. To avoid being a crutch.
  2. To make yourself replaceable.
  3. To keep from resenting your business.
  4. To become more efficient.

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Dinner Lab, the New Orleans-based startup that lets chefs experiment with food and get direct feedback from guests, could change the way chefs create menus and restaurants. 

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