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Being on the road doesn’t always guarantee you a break from the office. The work is never done for many small business owners. Here are five ways to stay focused and be productive during any trip from

10 Steps to a Remarkably Productive Workweek

If the first thing on your to-do list every week is to get more done, try following this easy 10-step plan to boosting your productivity:

1. Prepare. Schedule as much as you can—from when to get up in the morning to attending meetings, answering emails, taking exercise breaks and, finally, when to stop working. 

2. Start the day right. Before you hit the ground running on Monday morning, begin the day with five to 10 minutes of setting positive intentions.

3. Work on big projects first. Most bigger projects require more energy, so it probably makes sense to work on them in the morning when you have more energy. 

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The Best Way to Manage Your Energy Level

"Research done at the USC Center for Effective Organizations found that 82 percent of business leaders aren’t working at their ideal energy levels,” writes small-business consultant Rieva Lesonsky. “Sixty-one percent felt they were working below their best energy level, while 21 percent felt they were working above their ideal energy level.”

This may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to manage your energy levels so you’re most effective is to leave well enough alone, Lesonsky writes:

Once you know your natural energy rhythms, try to honor them. If you experience a 3 p.m. slump every day, for example, trying to power through it will do more harm than good. You won’t be working efficiently, your results will be poor, and you’ll drain even more energy from your mind and body. Instead, during a slump time, try taking a quick walk, doing stretches in your office or even taking a power nap for 10 to 20 minutes. 

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Break Your Bad Habits in 6 Steps

Mmm, chocolate.

If you’ve got a few bad habits you’d like to break—and want to inspire your employees to do the same—follow these 6 steps for personal success.

Step 1: Understand how habits form.

Step 2: Know exactly why the new way is superior to the old way.

Step 3: Expect that your body will not want to change.

Step 4: Set trigger goals.

Step 5: Set improvement goals.

Step 6: Script your setbacks.

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The Most Productive Times to Hold a Meeting

It’s definitely not Monday, according to business owners and experts who spoke to OPEN Forum.

Tuesday mornings. It lets people get over their case of the Mondays, while still having enough time to plot out the week.

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This Piece of Advice Will Change The Way You Work

Seriously. It did for us, anyway:

Scrap your “to-do” list. Instead, move those tasks to your calendar by scheduling short blocks of time to focus on them. This creates a more realistic view of your available time and will also help track how you are actually spending your days. 

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11 Ways to Improve Your Brain Functioning

Feeling the midday slump? Get out of the office and bring your laptop to a coffee shop! The right level of distraction is actually good for you:

When you need nose-down concentration, it might not sound efficient to head to a coffee shop, but studies show that the noise provided by most coffee spots give your brain the right amount of productivity boost it needs. One study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, for instance, found that a small level of distraction (in this case, a coffee shop’s ambient background noise of 70 decibels) was just the right formula for heightened focus and creativity.

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This Is Your Brain on Boredom

It’s quite productive, actually, according to new studies:

When your brain is tired, you take in distractions that you would normally ignore because your mind is too drowsy and disorganized to fight the invasion. Your tired brain struggles to focus on one thing at a time, so you wander, gather loads of irrelevant information, and connect those random pieces together, which can result in offbeat solutions or innovative products and ideas.

From OPEN Forum’s “Why Being Bored and Tired Can Improve Your Creativity

Why You Need to Stop Working So Hard

…As it turns out, workaholics are the least-efficient workers. If you’re working a 12-hour day, then you don’t have to be efficient. You’ve got all day—or all night if necessary—to get your work accomplished. With no sense of urgency, you’re free to fritter your time away on office pools, Internet “research” and Facebook. 

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Everyone knows that work meetings can be the worst. At best, they’re an effective use of everyone’s time and efforts, but really, how often does that happen? Thankfully these five rules for productive meetings will make everyone a little happier when they see a staff meeting on their iCals.