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There’s an app for breathing now.

 Zenytime, is a breathing sensor that records users’ puffs of breath to check their heart rate, blood oxygen levels and breathing activity in an effort to teach users how to be more conscious about their breathing.

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Small Business Saturday (November 29) is sort of a two-for for small-business owners. Not only do they get to encourage customers to shop locally and help neighborhood economies; they’re also benefiting from higher foot traffic and sales as people try to knock out their holiday shopping.

There are a number of ways small-business owners can boost the impact of Small Business Saturday, including:

  • hosting special events
  • offer day-of promotions
  • band together with other businesses in your area

How to Deal With Passive-Aggressive People at Work

Barbed smiles, mumbled remarks, backhanded compliments… Working with passive-aggressive personalities at the office can be a draining experience. But there’s a three-step process for handling it:

1. Address the issue head on. Be able to point out the exact instance of passive-aggressive behavior you’ve witnessed.

2. Control your own emotions. Approaching someone with passive-aggressive tendencies in anger could cause them to shut down and/or make them even more standoffish.

3. Understand that they can’t be changed. Your best bet is trying to improve the situation, as a passive-aggressive person can only change when they want to change.

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Surviving in a shaky economy may be easier for small business owners if you protect your intellectual property through patents, copyrights and trademarks. Artist and designer Lolita Healy is no stranger to the world of copyrighting her designs. Her advice for other entrepreneurs is to copyright everything or risk someone else coming along and stealing the idea.

Where Did Brainstorming Come From?

Some of the world’s greatest ideas stemmed from brainstorming sessions, those moments of “spitballing” and “ideation” around a whiteboard. But where did the idea for this idea generating practice come from?

This process was first developed in 1948 by advertising executive Alex Osborn, who called the concept “think up” in his book, Your Creative Power, and attributed its use to the success of his advertising agency, BBDO, which is still prosperous today.

It’s been a few decades since Osborn developed his “think up” concept—which is more popularly known as brainstorming today…

But brainstorming may be as endangered as the Mad Men era brand of advertising Osburn came from. Learn how technology has changed the way we brainstorm, and what we can do to fix it, on OPEN Forum.

Hispanic-owned businesses  have nearly doubled in number over the past 10 years—the number is now at 3.2 million and is generating $468 billion in annual revenue. That’s twice the national average business growth rate over the past decade. 

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How to Conquer Your No. 1 Money Fear

A recent survey found that one-third of Americans worry about money all the time. Not just a fleeting worry: All. The. Time. The number one fear of survey respondents was living paycheck to paycheck. It’s a harsh reality for many entrepreneurs who may not even have much of a paycheck to begin with. But, OPEN Forum writer Rieva Lesonsky says, this fear is a perfect motivator:

Use your fear to motivate planning a big-picture future, with your eyes on developing enough cash flow to retire or at least step back a bit from your business some day. This requires making your business less dependent on you—which not only makes it more salable in the distant future but also helps it grow in the meantime.

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The Common Mistakes Behind Every Bad Business Decision

1. Decisions are based entirely on the business leader’s ego. 

2. Decision makers look to the past to dictate the future.

3. Any research attempts are lazy.

4. Decision makers are indecisive.

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Two may be the magic number when it comes to getting things done. There’s a lot to learn about the chemistry and synergy of pairs. Joshua Wolf Shenk, the author of the new book “Powers of Two,” talks about the effect of collaboration and how to put it to work at your small business.

Why ‘Do What You Love’ Isn’t Always Great Advice

"Do what you love" is to business as "I’m not here to make friends" is to reality TV. A often-repeated maxim that isn’t always the best piece of life advice. For people wanting to start their own businesses, there’s something to be said for being an industry novice, writes Mark Henricks.

When researching her new book, Rookie SmartsWhy Learning Beats Knowing in the New Game of Work, author Liz Wiseman found that rookies working in knowledge industries tended to equal or outperform people with more experience. One explanation Wiseman offers is that experts tend to ignore things that don’t accord with their experience. Meanwhile, rookies, who know they don’t know it all, stay alert to everything. 

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