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5 Important Business Lessons We Learned from the Girl Scouts

We love them for their cookies, but Girl Scouts offer up some valuable lessons about what’s really important in business:

  1. Goal setting: The Scouts always set goals for how many boxes of cookies they want to sell, and then work with their troop to reach that goal. Setting goals and developing a plan to make those goals a reality is something every business owner should do, #obvi.
  2. Decision making: Once they have a goal in mind, they make a series of informed decisions to put their plan to work.
  3. Money management: Managing the money coming in and the money going out is both beneficial during a cookie sale and crucial to the day-to-day operation of every small business,” writes Carla Turchetti of OPEN.
  4. People skills: You capture more bees with honey, and more Thin Mint sales by being a nice, relatable person.
  5. Business ethics: "Girls Scout’s honor" is a saying for a reason: Honesty and responsibility are lessons the Scouts value dearly.

Via “5 Business Skills You Can Learn From the Girl Scouts

Leading From Behind -- The Secret To Jeff Bezos' Success

Richard Sheridan, the man behind Menlo Innovations, a custom software design firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has found the “business value in joy.” 

In his boy, Joy, Inc: How We Built a Workplace People Love, Sheridan shares some of his joy-focused management tips including the collaborative practice of pairing:

Everyone who does project work for Menlo works in pairs. These pairs are assigned, and we switch at least every five working days. There are many benefits; some are obvious, others more subtle.

… Pairing greatly increases the opportunity to catch programming errors at the time they’re created. That’s an obvious and powerful benefit.

Creatively, we just innovate better when there’s someone to bounce ideas off of. When we’re trying to create something new and interesting, we often get stuck and stay stuck much longer than we need to. At Menlo, if I’m pairing with someone and I’m stuck, my pair partner might say, “Hey, what about this?” and voila! we’re moving forward again.

From How 3 Entrepreneurs Faced Their Biggest Fears:

"Know the numbers that you need to survive on, but always dream big. If you set your sights too low, you’ll never know how much you can really achieve." -Ben Hebert, Founder, Natural Stacks

Want to make the most of your 24 hours? Find the full infographic at What Does A Super Productive Day Look Like?

Want to make the most of your 24 hours? Find the full infographic at What Does A Super Productive Day Look Like?

Just as the way to get startup ideas is not to try to think of startup ideas, the way to become a startup founder is not to try to become a startup founder.
Paul Graham - (via wmougayar)