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Australian-born designer Aimee Kestenberg went from a student on a limited visa to a well-respected and internationally known designer. She shared her story with us on OPEN Forum, and gave some great business advice as well:

How common is it today that designers actually make their own products, in addition to designing them?

A lot of designers aren’t taught how to construct accessories. It is one thing to be a talented designer, but I’ve found that it’s so important to also understand how pieces are made. Having an understanding of how to hand make accessories helps drastically in improving efficiency in the development process as well as effectively communicating. Knowledge is power, and the more you absorb, the stronger you will be as a businessperson.

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You don’t always have to have the most sophisticated security measures in place to keep hackers at bay. Sometimes, it’s the easiest programs or upgrades that can be the most effective. Here are five easy fixes that will protect your small business.

We can’t overstate how important visuals are in today’s business world: a minute of video collateral has the same value as 1.8 million words of text.
Learn how your business can easily and cheaply tap into the power of video on OPEN Forum.

We can’t overstate how important visuals are in today’s business world: a minute of video collateral has the same value as 1.8 million words of text.

Learn how your business can easily and cheaply tap into the power of video on OPEN Forum.

Everything You Need to Know About Online Copyright

Internet content isn’t all free, and not everything is yours for the taking just because you found it online. Get the legal facts about some common copyright myths:

Myth No. 1: It’s on the Internet, so anyone can use it.

Actually… This one is unwaveringly and unequivocally false,” writes OPEN Forum contributor Erika Napoletano. “Just because you find an image or blog post or article or video and you like it, you may not have permission to share it.”

Myth No. 2: There wasn’t a copyright notice on it, so it’s not copyrighted.

Actually… “By U.S. copyright law, copyright is granted to a content creator the moment an idea is fixed into any tangible form,” says Kandis Koustenis, an intellectual property attorney with Cloudigy Law.

Read on for three more commonly heard copyright myths and the truth behind them.

Why Time Awareness Is Important to Company Culture

Being “on time” can mean something different for every person you meet, based on where they’re from to their own personal preference. If you’re not careful, that difference can hurt your business and client relations, writes Alexandra Levit:

… It’s important to be conscious of … the “scheduling style” of your business and the partner businesses with which you work. The first step here is attention, then assimilation: Watch how people operate, learn what scheduling styles make them most productive, then adapt your operations and expectations accordingly. 

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Why This College Course May Be More Valuable Than MBAs

If you’re only focusing on the numbers, it may be time to expand your thinking. Understanding psychology’s role in your business can give you a definite edge.

“Industrial and organizational psychology, or I-O psychology, applies psychological theories to an organization,” says Sandra Powers, a human resources manager at By studying I-O psychology, you may be able to help improve employee behavior and attitudes through training programs, management systems and employee feedback.

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"Disruption" is the name of the game when it comes to entrepreneurship these days, with companies like Airbnb and Uber changing the way everyone thinks about hotel rentals and car services respectively.

We reached out to a new crop of entrepreneurs who are redefining what’s cool and innovative for the rest of us. You can read their stories on OPEN Forum.

How to Avoid Signing a Bad Lease


Renting office space is a big step for any new business, but it’s not without its risks. Understanding these 4 key provisions will help you avoid signing a bad lease:

1. The security deposit

2. Additional rent

3. Company use restrictions

4. A subordinate lease

Read on for more details on why you should know about each of these factors before you sign a lease.

This Is the Future of Marketing, According to Twitter’s Co-Founder

Biz Stone, Twitter co-founder and haver of one of tech’s coolest names, noted last month at the small-business conference Sage Summit that the future of marketing is philanthropy, and that people are attracted to meaning these days. Small business consultant Barry Moltz wrote:

Stone suggests that when customers have a choice, they will more likely buy from companies that are philanthropic; and that successful companies are giving money to charitable organizations and then using their marketing funds to tell customers about their association with that cause. Companies find that their giving can go a long way by attracting free mentions on blogs and social media posts. 

Read on for more on how companies are using philanthropy in their marketing strategy.

Small-business owners are killing it when it comes to food mashups. OPEN Forum visited Smorgasburg in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a weekend open-air market where hundreds descend on vendors selling food and drinks, in search of the next big thing. (Smorgasburg has seen its fair share of vendors go on to open their own stores based on the popularity of their creations, like the ramen burger.) 

We spoke with a few business owners to get the stories behind their #foodporn creations.