NASDAQ on Tumblr: Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Zynga


1. The company was named for CEO Mark Pincus’ beloved American bulldog, whom you might recognize from the logo. Though its namesake has passed away, employees are encouraged to bring their pups to work.

2. The company reached the 100-million-user mark after just two and a half years.

3. As of summer 2011, American FarmVille users outnumber American farmers five to one.

4. Zynga’s approach to charity is typically playful: Users can purchase game-boosting, limited-edition virtual goods, and the proceeds are donated. Offering items such as a never-withering daikon radish, the company raised more than $3 million for Japanese earthquake relief.

5. DreamWorks Animation CEO (and Zynga board member) Jeffrey Katzenberg says that if he had to start his career all over again, he’d want to be Mark Pincus.

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